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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

And Life Goes On...

Well I only have 75 days left in my pregnancy and as the count goes down faster and faster my fear grows. I know that pregnancy is a natural part of life and that there babies born every second of everyday, but for me it is terrifying. Will I be a good enough parent? Will the baby have problems? Will I be able to manage the pain of the labour? I guess the only way to find out is wait and see what happens in less than 11 weeks.

Life seems to be full of ups and downs at the moment. Yesterday I had to see a new gyno so that I can go to the hospital I want instead of the hospital that my own gyno works with. I don't like this new guy. He mutters to himself, wont explain anything and acts like we are an inconvenience. At least I wont have to have much to do with him. At least we finally got to heat the babies heart beat. The good news is that after I saw this guy, I was able to get booked into the hospital straight away. I must say, not only is this hospital less than an hour away (the other is 2 hours away on lonely windy roads), but the people are a lot nicer, they go out of their way to include my prince and it is a much nicer hospital.

And now for the other things going on in my world. After sorting out all the baby clothes that we have it has been discovered that not only do we mainly have girls clothes (to bad if it is a boy), we also do not have any warm clothes. We have heaps of jumpsuits and little T-shirts, but they wont be any good when the baby is going to be born in winter. Looks like if my mother doesn't start sewing soon we are going to end up with a naked baby in blankets when the few jump suits run out.

It looks like both of our mothers are on the verge of major breakdowns and are holding on the the thought of their first grand child in order to keep a small about of sanity. My mother's back and shoulder are so bad that the only part of her body that is actually working properly is her left arm. Now this wouldn't be so bad if she didn't have to do data entry all day long. She is going to see a neurosurgeon soon, but if he says that she needs an operation I know that she will be saying no sue to the fact that she just cannot afford to take the time off work.

My Prince's mother is running herself into the ground chasing around after her mother. The old bat keeps ending up on the verge of death so everyone goes running then she pulls through and starts all over again. She should of been dead along time ago except for the fact the one of her other daughters made the hospital take the "Do Not Resuscitate" order off so the revived her when she should of been dead. There is a lot more details I could go into but I do not know how to write it in away that those not involved in the family would understand.

Other than all that, I am in a lot of pain due to the pregnancy, I am always tired, depressed and cranky.

Monday, February 06, 2006


What can I say, after many hours of frustration I have finally gotten my new template working. Well it still needs some fine tuning but it think it is pretty good as it is. Let me know what you think


I am trying to get this new template working, but the top post keeps sitting down to far...does anyone know why?

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Well it is time for a baby and body update. Yesterday we had an appointment with my gyno for my 26 week cheek up. Apparently it is good that bubs kicks so hard and so much that it hurts. I am glad that he thinks so because I don't. Also I found out that when I feel exhausted (which is most of the time), I am to lay down for 2 hours. It cannot be for less than 2 hours because apparently it will be of no use. Even if I get up to go to the toilet or sit up to drink, I have to start the two hours again.

On the body front, a bit has changed. I now have a fair sized bust. Now this is very hard to adjust to for some one that has always been flat chested like me. Also the baby has finally decided to pop out so I now look pregnant...That is great except I hardly have any clothes to fit me now. Apart from that I don't really have any other gripes other than the fact that my back has been so bad of late that all I want to do is cry. All I wish is that I could have 5 minutes rest from the pain. Nothing I do or take stops it. Ahh well, I guess that I only have to put up with another 93 days of it then I will probably be wishing that I could get a break from the kid and think how much I preferred the back pain lol.

But seriously, I know I complain, but I am looking forward to being a mother, I just like to complain.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Yes I Know I Keep "Forgetting" To Post...

Quite simply, I haven't had the time. You see, life has been a little bit hectic of late. There is a lot that I should be posting about to bring everyone upto date, but really it is all so boring I don't see the point. There are a few things that I feel like posting about so I am going to right now...

Damn Squatters...
Last night I swear that I got one of the biggest frights that I have ever received when I discovered that our house was being threatened by a very large fire in the pine forest that surrounds our property. While sitting out side having a smoke (a bad habit I know) at about 10pm, some one came roaring up our driveway with their horn blaring and yelling "The Pine Forest Is On Fire". After grabbing my prince and having a look over the fence, it was decided that the CFA (Country Fire Authority) had to be called. The good new is that after having about 3 CFA Tankers and 2 4x4 units trying to use our place for access, they finally found a way in that didn't involve our animals being relocated and put the fire out.

Today it was decided that we would go and see where the fire had been and what had been destroyed. Imagine my surprise to learn that the person who had previously lived here had been squatting in the pine forest in an old bus and shed and that not only was it his bus that had started the fire but he was also the one that came and warned us. Now this guy moved out when I moved in (over 2 years ago) and was meant to be interstate. It turns out thought that he had been back for about a month and living on private property (not mine I know, but still it isn't his either) right near our house with our letting anyone know. This probably shouldn't bother me, but if he can come and go for over a month with no-one knowing he is there, then what else could he do with out anyone knowing? Now I know I am becoming a paranoid pregnant woman.

What happens when everyone thinks Pregnancy is great and you don't???
OK, by now you should all know that I am pregnant...If you don't, then you obviously cannot see the ticker at the top of this page. Well to be quite honest, I am getting so fed up it isn't funny. Everyone says how great it is to bring new life into this world, and how great and cute it is when the kid kicks non-stop for 12 hours a day, or your so lucky blah blah blah. Well here is the truth to it all...Being pregnant SUCKS!!!

Don't get me wrong, I am glad that I am going to have a kid and start a family, but the time between sex and having it is far from fun. I feel sick all the time, my joints don't stop hurting, I'm not allowed to day any heaving lifting, my boobs hurt and leak, I get poked and prodded and no one will listen to what I say about what I want for OUR baby. People cannot get it through their thick heads that there are only two people that have a say and that is my prince and me. Not friends, interfering Parents, Aunts, Cousins, Preists, The Man in the street. Just Us!!! I guess it doesn't help that we have been given so much crap for the kid that is has taken over the lounge room. I mean, how many bloody toys do they think a newborn needs?

An Update About The House
Well we finally have aquired a few things that should of been here along time ago but just never seemed to make it. The list includes - Gas, A Working Hot Water Service, An Air Con, A Shower (mind you when my bloody parents put it in they stuffed it up and now we have a constant leak), and A washing machine.

Well that's about all I can manage to type with my sore hand so I will say cya for now and if you are good people and comment I might even post again really soon...